inky pig studio

Keith Gage and Sue Gage  -   painters / printmakers

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inky pig studio

Keith  studied art, illustration and typrography at Gloucester College of Art

from 1956 to 1961 and also studied weaving and textiles for 2 years at

Gloscat. He has been a professional artist/illustrator since 1961 and was elected  to full membership of S.I.A.D. in 1964.



Keith has travelled extensively in South East Asia and Spain during the last 25 years. Keith retired from the commercial world of illustration 7 years ago and has subsequently become absorbed in fine art printmaking and gouache watercolour painting .Keith specialises in small editions of hand printed etchings, block prints and mixed techniques e.g. collagraph with overprinted drypoint, saline sulphate etching and mezzotint.

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Sue originally trained as a  technical illustrator in the aircraft industry in Cheltenham.


For many years her preferred medium has been watercolour but she now also works in acrylics, oils and pastels.

Her work also includes drypoint etching and lino and wood cuts which she  prints herself using oil based printing inks.


Sue enjoys wood carving-mostly birds and other wildlife using a variety of wood ,either painting with acrylic paints or leaving the wood in it's natural state.


Her inspiration comes mainly from locations she has visited when pursuing her favourite recreational  pastimes of hill walking and cycling both in the UK and overseas in South East Asia and Spain.

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